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Evo-Crete Concrete Slabs

Evo-Crete Concrete Slabs
Evo-Crete Concrete Slabs

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Details: Evo-Crete Pre-Cast Slabs are ideal for any static equipment installation as a solution for a variety of industries and end users.

Evo-Crete is ultra-lightweight fibre reinforced concrete that is three times lighter than standard concrete. It is a lightweight alternative with superior strength-to-weight properties over standard heavy pre-cast concrete products.

The technology of Evo-Crete is defying all common concrete conceptions. As Evo-Crete is made from the same base materials as everyday concrete it will not suffer from the effects of exposure to sunlight and the elements. Our ultimate blend of fibre reinforcing means that not only is cracking limited but should an impact be sustained during transit or due to accidental mishandling, a crack or fracture in an Evo-Crete slab will not result in the product falling to pieces as a standard concrete slab would. Additionally, due to the unique cellular structure of Evo-Crete, should a crack eventuate post-installation due to unstable earth or other uncontrollable event Evo-Crete can sustain flexural tension and ‘bend’ in a controlled cracking mechanism maintaining equipment stability where the standard concrete counterpart would leave the equipment supported dangerously unstable. As Evo-Fibre is distributed evenly throughout the concrete mix, the three-dimensional reinforcement matrix ensures maximum durability and product stability.

Probably the most tangible immediate benefit is that Evo-Crete instantly alleviates issues associated with occupational health and safety manual handling risks due to its lightweight, user friendly properties. It won’t lead to injuries common with lifting standard heavy concrete such as sprains, strains, abrasions, cuts and bruises.

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