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Eco 88 (s) 25kg
Eco 88 (s) 25kg

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Details: Have you ever wondered how the professionals manage to keep lawns that are lush and deep green and gardens that always look healthy and bursting with colour?

Well, this is achieved through the use of a balanced fertilizer with all the trace elements.

A large number of horticultural fertilizers have been ‘put together’ to be price competitive, rather than effective. Whereas ECO88(s) has been formulated specifically to produce professional results.

ECO88(s) blends the best of organic and inorganic fertilizers to ensure your lawn and garden enjoy fast and long-lasting results.

This remarkable blend contains scientifically balanced ratios of nitrogen, phosphorous, sulphate of potash and a full range of minor nutrients and trace elements, including extra iron.

Iron Sulphate has been added to ECO88(s) to ensure deep green foliage and lawns. Iron is essential for chlorophyll formation. It also aids the oxidation processes that release energy from sugars and starches, and reactions that convert nitrate to ammonia in the plant.

Because ECO88(s) contains naturally composted organic fertilizer, it also provides important organic carbon and beneficial micro-organisms to improve soil health and availability of plant nutrients.

“Always fertilize before mulching to avoid nitrogen being drawn from the soil. Mulching also creates a better environment for worms and micro-organisms.”

Store ECO88(s) under cover and away from moisture. But remember, fertilizers work best on the lawn and in the garden, not in the shed! Eco88(s) contains a balanced blend of:

* composted poultry manure granules
* granulated Sulphate of ammonia
* granulated DAP
* sulphate of potash and
* granular iron.

Incitec originally formulated EC088 as an organic based version of CK88, but we have reformulated it into a high quality organic based granular fertiliser.

N: 10 P: 3 K: 8 S: 11.6 Iron: 1

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