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Premium Organic Potting Mix 30L
Premium Organic Potting Mix 30L

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Details: Certified Organic Potting Mix is 100% natural. Charged with active organic nutrients, it is the obvious choice for containerised plant growth. The new mix includes a natural wetting agent, Titanic Organic slow release fertiliser and Zeolite (assists in nutrient retention, extends the water holding capacity of the mix as well as extending the life of the potting mix), composted bark chips, washed sand, blood and bone, seaweed extract and natural rock trace elements, it is finally boosted by the inclusion of liquefied worm castings. This provides a terrific, balanced nutritional source that increases your plants health and vitality.


* Meets the Australian Premium Standard for Potting Mix (AS3743).
* A ph adjusted premium blend of organic composted materials.
* Provides nutrients to plants for at least 5 months.
* Superior moisture retention properties with adequate drainage.


* Composted bark chips, washed sand, blood and bone, slow release fertilizer, sea weed extract, natural rock trace elements and minerals.
* Titanic Organic slow release fertilizer.
* Controlled release fertilizer
* Wetting agent water smart product
* Zeolite
* Organic compost


* Re-potting all types of plants.
* Freshly rooted cuttings.
* Indoor and outdoor plants in any container type.

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