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Q. How can I work out the area I need to cover?

A. Measure the volume of area in metres using this simple formula: Length x Width x Depth (thickness of coverage needed) = metres cubed. Length 4m x width 5m x 0.05m (5cm) = 1 m (metres cubed)

Q. When can you deliver?

A. In most cases we can deliver the next day. If the order is placed early morning we can usually deliver same-day. With pavers and blocks that aren't in stock it can vary from next business day to a week. It all depends on the stock situation and the size of the order.

Q. Is there a minimum amount I must order?

A. No. You can pick up as little as 1/8 of a cubic metre from our yard, or even a shovel full. For deliveries we prefer you order at least 1/2 cubic metre of any bulk product. But we are flexible! Though a surcharge will apply for orders of 1/4 cubic metre or less. The minimum amount of bulk product you can order through this website is 1/4 of a cubic metre. If you require less, we recommend you call us on 3267 7178.

Q. What if I need multiple products delivered ie. soil & gravel, sand & pavers etc.?

A. We are able to deliver split loads of two different kinds of bulk products, and we can also deliver pavers and bulk product in the same load. This saves you paying two delivery fees! Though this does depend on the quantity of each product. In most cases, split loads are only allowed if the total quantity of both products is 4 cubic metres. The decision on whether or not a separate delivery and delivery charge is required is up to our experienced staff.

Q. What size truck will come to my house?

A. The size of the truck used to deliver your goods depends on how much material you require. Details are below:

Small Trucks (3m Soil, 2m Sand/Gravel, 5m Mulch): Width - 1.9m (2.1m including side mirrors), Height - 2.1m
Medium Trucks (5m Soil, 4m Sand/Gravel, 8m Mulch): Width - 2.2m (2.6m including side mirrors), Height 2.55m
Large Trucks (10m Soil, 6m Sand/Gravel, 12m Mulch): Width 2.6m (2.9m including side mirrors), Height 2.8m

These dimensions are a guide only and do not guarantee access.

Q. Will you tip/lift my material or pavers/blocks etc. into my yard?

A. Bulk products are only tipped, they won't be shoveled out of the truck ie. into a wheelbarrow, or over a fence. If bags, blocks, or pavers are to be unloaded and transported to a certain spot, that decision is left to our experienced truck drivers.

Q. Do you sell products by the tonne?

A. No. We only sell products by the cubic metre. Do not be deceived by the price of tonnage. In the case of sand, gravel and pebbles the price per tonne will appear to be cheaper. This is not the case as sands and gravels can range from 1.4 tonne per cubic metre to 1.6 tonne per cubic metre. And when it gets wet... products get heavier! Meaning you'll be paying for the moisture!

Q. How does the reward point system work?

A. The reward points are awarded to you the more you buy. Want more points? Buy more stuff! It's that simple! Every new customer is given a certain number of reward points to get them started. Once you've reached 50 points, you can start redeeming them as a discount off any new order exceeding $50. You can use all of your points, or only some. It's up to you how you use them. But keep in mind you can only use a maximum of 300 points per order. We figure this is a good way to reward our most loyal customers!

Q. Is there a delivery fee, and if so, how much is it?

A. Yes, there is. Click on "Estimate Shipping" in your shopping cart for the delivery fee to your suburb. You will always be advised upon checkout of your delivery fee prior to payment. Note: For large orders requiring two or more deliveries, multiple delivery fees may apply. We will contact you if this is the case.