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Composts & Manures

Looking to improve your existing garden? Need to create a new garden but don't need ready-made soil? Well, our range of composts, manures and soil improvers will definitely help.

First, let's look at why these products are an important part of gardening. Composts and manures are basically nutrient rich organic matter. Why do we need to add organic matter to existing soil? Well it does many things for a garden.

Decaying organic matter is how plants are fed in nature. Organic matter added to garden soil improves the soil structure and feeds the microorganisms and insects. The more beneficial microorganisms your soil can support, the less bad organisms will survive.

The good guys feed on harmful microbes like nematodes and certain soil born diseases. They also release their nutrients into the soil when they die. So the more beneficial microorganisms that are in the soil, the more nutrients will be in the soil. And many types of organic matter add still more soil nutrients to the mix.

Organic matter also contains acids that can make plant roots more permeable, improving their uptake of water and nutrients, and can dissolve minerals within the soil, leaving them available for plant roots.