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Soils & Potting Mixes

A good soil is essential to having a thriving garden or lawn. We care about the soil we sell. Why? Because our regular customers, landscaping contractors and professional gardeners depend on it! Don't be fooled by fancy names, we'll let you know exactly what you want, what you need, and we won't charge you an arm and a leg for it.

What soil should I buy?

Well that all depends on what you're doing with it. Here's a general guide on what soils are suitable for each situation:

-Filling large holes or ruts: Screened Top Soil.
-Planting natives, shrubs or other plants that require less fertilisation: General Garden Mix.
-Planting vegetables, tropicals or herbs: Garden Mix.
-Top dressing/levelling lawns: Sandy Top Dressing Mix.
-Combination top dressing & fertilisation: Fertilised Top Dressing Mix.
-Small pots, tubs and containers: Potting Mix.
-Soil layer for under turf: Screened Top Soil.
-Soil for grass seeds: Screened Top Soil.

Why don't you sell soil which is dug straight from the ground?

That's a question we're asked often. Soil that is dug straight from the ground has a fair few downsides:

-The soil is inconsistent in quality.
-It will most likely contain weed seeds, pests and other nasties. As we are a Fire Ant free business, this is a major concern to us.
-It will most likely not conform to Australian Standards for Soils.
-Good natural soil is hard to come by. It's not just "around the corner". The cost of haulage would make a natural soil prohibitively expensive.

So how do we remedy this problem? The soil is manufactured. Oftentimes there *is* a percentage of natural soil in the manufactured soils. That soil is inspected, screened of any contaminants and then mixed with loam, sand, composted fine mulch, ash, and other products to bring it to a consistent quality that conforms to Australian Standards. Every part of this "recipe" is there for a reason! Nothing is there as a "filler". It's what is done to bring you a consistent, top quality growing medium.

Are your soils organic?

Yes, all of them. If you're asking what soil has the highest "organic content", that would be the Garden Mix.

Should I mulch my garden?

Yes. Mulch helps retain moisture in the soil and regulates the soil temperature. In our climate of extreme heat this is very important. Only under certain circumstances should a garden be left un-mulched.

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Premium Organic Potting Mix 30L
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Garden Mix (Rich Mix)
Garden Mix (Rich Mix)
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